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We know we can create a sleek design that will fit your needs. But if you have an awesome graphic designer on your team, we'd be happy to integrate their work as well.

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Choose a job you love and you'll never have to work a day of your life; that's us. We created this agency because we love what we do. We believe this changes everything.

Web development

Théâtre aux Écuries

We integrated Théatre aux Écuries’ new branding for the 2018-2019 season. We also updated several parts of the website, making it more simple, beautiful and user-friendly.

Web development

Racetime The Movie

We developed Racetime’s website, making it a fun and interactive website for kids to learn more about their favorite characters, play games, discover upcoming events and more. The website will be available in 4 different languages and features a mix of HTML5 and Javascript animations.

Web development

Dames des Vues – Réalisatrices Équitables

Réalisatrices Équitables wanted to create a new platform to better showcase participating female movie directors and their movies. We integrated their new branding and developed a user-friendly online movie search tool. We also streamlined the process for directors to join the site, add their content and modify existing content.

Web development

Diagramme, gestion culturelle

Diagramme needed a new way to introduce themselves online so we updated their homepage to be more dynamic and visually stimulating. We also added new event categories so that they could showcase their events with more precision. In doing so, we streamlined the process for their staff to add new content to the site themselves.

Web development

Pink Parrot Media

Pink Parrot Media, a movie production company, wanted to migrate their website to a CMS platform, while maintaining their existing look. We also developed a user-friendly and responsive Intranet for their clients to easily acquire the movie documents they need.

Web development

Banx & Ranx

Our goal was to create an attractive one pager for the music duo Banx & Ranx so that their fans and press could access photos, videos and music streaming links. The one-pager had to be just as creative as the band itself.

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