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eCommerce store for natural skincare brand

About the project

Cocooning Love came to us with many bottlenecks that were inhibiting her productivity as a business owner and manufacturer. For one, her email system was not automated. She was wasting most of her mornings sending out manual order confirmations, responding to order enquiries, sending out tracking codes and filling out orders manually for her growing list of resellers. Also, her loyal customers were constantly promoting her products on social media and she wanted a way to reward them.

We completely automated Cocooning Love’s B2B sales process by adding a membership section to her website. Resellers could login to their reseller account, place their bulk purchases at a wholesale rate and receive their orders in a few days. To make things even more seamless, we integrated her online store with her fulfillment company.

Our last step was to monetize her loyal fanbase. We did so by developing an affiliate program that was easy to register for. After signing up and being approved, customers could now earn a commission on products they promote.

Cocooning Love no longer had to deal with tedious emails, B2B orders and shipping enquiries since tracking codes were built into her automated email system. Even better, her business could benefit from an increased number of customers promoting its products. Cocooning Love’s small team could now focus on developing new products and manufacturing existing ones.

And we redesigned her whole Website.

December 2018
Cocooning Love