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Platform to showcase female directors

About the project

Dames des vues (also known as Réalisatrices Équitables) wanted a better way to showcase their participating female film directors and their filmographies. They also wanted an online film directory where all films available online could be easily discovered through various filters. Most of all, they wanted directors to be able to add movies to their filmographies themselves, without the need to contact the DDV team every time.

In collaboration with their graphic designer, we developed a powerful tool that streamlined the process from becoming a member to publishing a film. What appeared to be a simple form, was in fact a powerful tool with complex functionality. By simply filling out the details of the form, directors could easily add a film to their filmography. Once approved by the DDV team, the film would be automatically published and linked to their director profile. The film would also be included in the online movie portal if requirements were met. The process was further simplified by the fact that members did not need to create accounts on the website. Instead, we were able to automatically associate each film submission to its movie director.

The final task was implement their new branding and to revamp the homepage, without changing the actual content. The result was a Javascript-powered interchanging grid of movie director portraits. At the center was a video capsule highlighting a different director on every page load.

With the new platform in place, Dames des vues are now able to scale their memberbase without having to deal with increased workload. The process for film directors is so simple that even those with minimal technical abilities can manage independently. This means more content and less headaches for everyone.

September 2018
Dames des vues