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Local app for getting free drinks

About the project

With most of their focus of the development of their app, Presto’s website was in major need of a redesign. We designed and developed a website that make it easy to download and understand how to use their app. Users could also explore a map of all partner bars and see what free drinks they offered. With a growing number of partner bars, we also created a page where bars could learn the benefits of becoming a partner and request more information.

After a year or so of great success with their app, Presto was ready for a complete rebranding. They hired and branding agency and changed their name to Quench. Without touching the structure of the website too much, we incorporated Quench’s new branding into the website and gave the homepage a complete makeover.

The Quench website is still going strong today and the app has been consistently trending in app stores.

Quench (previously Presto)